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If you’re looking for a high-quality oil sprayer that is both environmentally friendly and durable, look no further than ours!

This extremely versatile kitchen tool can be used for a variety of tasks, from spraying oil on pans and bakeware to spritzing salads and vegetables. Made with premium stainless steel, it is designed to resist wear and tear, rust, and corrosion. Plus, it’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe! But do not use rigid tools such as wire brushes to clean and it will stay as pretty as it is! 


This product is perfect for those who are looking to use less oil in their cooking, as it evenly distributes a thin layer of oil over whatever you’re cooking. Whether you’re stir-frying vegetables or grilling meat, this product will help you cook with less oil, making your meals healthier and more delicious.

The Oil Sprayer is environmentally friendly and pollution-free, making it a great choice for those who are looking to be more eco-friendly.


Whether you’re using it in the kitchen or taking it on the go for a picnic, this versatile tool is a must-have. It’s easy to use, simply pump the top to build pressure and press the trigger to release a jet of oil. Plus, the sleek design makes it easy to store and looks great on your countertop.

The Oil Sprayer is also great for BBQing and roasting. Just give your grill or chicken a light spray before cooking to help prevent sticking and ensure even cooking.

Whether you’re a seasoned chef or just learning your way around the kitchen, this Oil Sprayer is sure to make your cooking experience better than ever. Try it today!


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Oil Sprayer



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31 reviews for Oil Sprayer

4.8 Average Rating Rated ( 31 Reviews )

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  1. E***y

    It works perfectly.

  2. O***l

    Love it! So efficient.

  3. A***y

    This is exactly what it says.

  4. S***u

    Super excited about this sprayer.

  5. J***y

    The water sprayed But the oil not

  6. M***s

    The metal looking cap looks cheap.

  7. T***h

    love, love, LOVE this olive oil spray bottle.

  8. H***a

    It is beautiful, tried it with water and sprayed much

  9. K***l

    Easy to use, well made!!! Sprays the perfect amount.

  10. S***b

    Easy to fill, and has worked perfect each time I use it! Recomend

  11. U***n

    I like it. The ease of it is fantastic. It is very easy to fill with the enclosed funnel.

  12. E***p

    Makes cooking easy and fun your food will turn out amazing with a little spray!

  13. E***n

    Looks great and functions as expect. Quality matches what is shown in photos.

  14. G***h

    It sprayed just enough with out getting all over the place better than using the bottle.

  15. V***o

    It’s slightly smaller than expected but seems to be of good quality and works well so far

  16. J***m

    So convenient to spray the oil on sliced veggies, meat, pans ….this bottle does not drip or leak.

  17. T***a

    This is a better than buying spray oil in the store, is more cheaper, you can use the oil you normally will use to cook

  18. D***t

    I’ve been using aerosol olive oil spray for quite some time. Came across the sprayer and it’s been great and easy to use.

  19. O***p

    so much easier to spray oil then to try to dribble some over my veggies. such a simple thing that makes meal prep easier.

  20. C***j

    This is a very useful supporting equipment for barbecue. It is clean and hygienic without wasting oil. I hope to recommend it to my friends!

  21. F***o

    Wonderful ! Best one I’ve tried yet-clean, always sprays and doesn’t drip, doesn’t get gummy, always delivers a fine spray 2/3 pumps perfect.

  22. U***g

    Very nice consistent spray every time. Easy to fill with the funnel that’s included. I’ve seen them for double the money and very much worth the price.

  23. L***i

    This one works as great as it looks, so easy and it keeps me healthy as I am not using so much oil but can coat all my veggies with such a small amount!

  24. T***b

    Have been using olive oil a lot more in cooking. I like this spray option more than the drizzle. Sometimes it comes out like spit rather than a spraying mist. But still nice.

  25. B***a

    I had no idea how much I would love this gadget . I use it for my olive oil . It’s so nice and easy to just spray a little where I need it without using an aerosol type spray . Highly recommend.

  26. Y***h

    Perfect for spritzing olive oil onto my veggies for roasting in the air fryer or oven. No need to buy a separate can of spray olive oil since I can refill now. This is easy to use, easy to hold.

  27. S***n

    We use it for travel(no leaks and no expanding plastic with high heat temps) looks beautiful on our counter top. it’s cut back on how much oil is used instead of over pouring, less wasted product and calories!

  28. Q***n

    It is so great that you donot have to pump it, just a simple push of the button. At first, I couldnot get it to spray, it was more of a stream. But then I figured out if you do a short quick push it sprays better. Longer slow push results in more of a stream.

  29. A***h

    This is a money saving way to evenly spray your baking trays and even food without waste or the cost of having to always buy new spray cans. These are super convenient, easy to use and push the spray button. Easy for people with arthritis to use.

  30. W***n

    This product looks very nice in my kitchen and also works well. A quick pump will get a nice even spray and a slower pump will produce a stream of oil. For certain recipes it is much easier to use than just pouring from a valve. It’s very easy to clean and I haven’t had any issues with clogging.

  31. R***s

    I love it, as soon as I unpacked it I fell in love with the appearance of the bottle. It is very elegant and looks quite nice setting on my dresser among my lotions and fragrances. I did not purchase the bottles to use with olive oil. The bottle would be amazing used in this manner. However, I use them for my own creation of hair serum. Worked so well with my oils and the mist is a fine spray not over coating my hair.

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